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BrowseAloud is a free tool that reads the webpage content aloud.

BrowseAloud has many features including;

  • Reads web pages and PDF-files.
  • Highlights the text that is read out.
  • Saves the recited speech as an mp3-file.
  • Allows you to use a ruler to keep the focus on what you read.

Would you like to use BrowseAloud?

Click the link below "Activate BrowseAloud". A toolbar will open that allows you to hover your mouse over any text on the wepage and it will read the content aloud while getting visual feedback through dual colour-highlighting.

More information about this and how to use BrowseAloud can be found on the Funka website, please click on the link to the right. The information is in Swedish only, but using BrowseAloud you can translate and read it in English.

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