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Sensors Symposium 2012

UAV03 – Mission Ready in Afghanistan. Photo: K3, SwAFUAV03 – Mission Ready in Afghanistan. Photo: K3, SwAF

Every two years FMV arrange the Sensors Symposium in Stockholm. This is done in co-operation with the Swedish Armed Forces – SwAF and the objective is to raise the competence level among personnel of both the Swedish Armed Forces and other defense agencies regarding our sensor systems and the information they generate.This year the starting point was the experience had from Sweden's international operations in the three arenas Afghanistan, the Gulf of Aden and Libya.

Below you can read and take note of the presentations given during the symposium 2012. All featured presentations are in PDF format and will open in a new window. Some of the speakers have chosen to give you their email address. if you are interested in their particular field and want to take note of their presentation please send them an email.

Technology support to ISR capability


Governmental Science and Technology Programmes

US R&D activities in Europe LTC Mark Neal, RDECOM/ITC, USA
Challenges for Joint ISR The Armed Forces Intelligence and
Security Centre - FMUndSäkC
International joint programmes in support of ISR Rickard Nordenberg,
FMV Air & Space Procurement Command
For the presentation-Economics of ISR , please contact the speaker here Aaron Blow, MITRE Corp, USA
Persistent surveillance Dr. Gregory Crawford, MITRE Corp, USA

Research and Development projects at FOI - the Swedish Defence Research Agency

Tactical evaluation of sensor system in ISR operations Per Grahn, FOI
Information fusion from heterogeneous sources Magnus Jändel, FOI
CBIR – Content-based image retrieval Magnus Jändel, FOI
Trends in development of hyperspectral surveillance techniques Ingmar Renhorn, FOI

Industrial experience and development

Adaptive Analysis of Sensor Data using Stream Computing Director John Palfreyman, IBM, UK
Image exploitation Raymond Fest, THALES
The sensor-signature duel Steven Savage, FOI
Rapid 3D mapping Dr. Leif Haglund, Saab Dynamics AB
For the presentation-Image Overlay - benefits, applications and future technologies, please contact the speaker here Marzell Schiller, Dir.
Mounted Equipment Vectronix AG, Switzerland
For the presentation-Developing the Swedish MNVG, please contact the speaker here Philippe Mennicken, THEON Sensors, Greece
Armoured Vehicle Situational Awareness Anders GM Dahlberg, FLIR Systems AB
The EDA SUM (Surveillance in an Urban environment using Mobile sensors) project Óscar Tejedor, GMV, Spain


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