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760 Million Reasons for Change

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FMV is currently undergoing its biggest change since 1968. Personnel and responsibilities for defence logistics are being transferred to FMV from the Armed Forces – and FMV will assume responsibility for the entire materiel chain, from procurement to decommissioning, with a major focus on equipment operation and maintenance.

This involves a streamlining of roles. The Armed Forces will order equipment and materiel based on functional requirements and FMV will deliver the necessary equipment, materiel and services to meet those requirements – and they are to be in place when the Armed Forces require them. The aim is to make defence logistics more effective and produce savings of 760M Swedish Kronor. This money will be redirected into the Armed Forces operational activities.

- We have 760 million reasons to change the way we do things, says Leif Nylander, the Armed Forces’ Head of Materiel Production.

The changes will affect everyone in both organisations. Perhaps not in the early stages, because the changes will occur in several phases; however, ultimately, everyone will be affected to a greater or lesser degree.

FMV and the Armed Forces are cooperating closely in order to find the best solution for the defence logistics of the future.

The starting gun has been fired

Wednesday 30 October 2013 was an important milestone for the new FMV. That was the date a joint organisational project submitted its findings to the two organisations about how the management and procurement of defence logistics should be conducted.

The new model will be developed further both jointly and within each organisation. During 2014 both old and new methods will be used in parallel. The planning of defence logistics will be carried out in accordance with the new model, but current activities will be conducted as before.

- Of course, it is not optimal to work using the old model and plan in the new, but – given the situation we are in – it is the best way ahead, says Jan Salestrand, the Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff.

- Much remains to be done. We will have to put up with imperfections in our tools and systems for a while and everyone must help. We will do it and things will go well, providing we ensure that we talk to each other when problems arise, says FMV’s Director General, Lena Erixon.

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