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New body protection to swedish soldiers

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A short presentation of the new body protection. Video with swedish speaker.

FMV has procured and developed a completely new personalized protection system for Swedish soldiers. It is body armor that can be adapted to the individual, and has the possibility of different levels of protection depending on the mission.

You can protect a soldier from all possible threats, but then he is basically immobile. When it comes to personal protection, it is always a balance between protection and mobility.

The new body armor for the Swedish Armed Forces consists mainly of two different protection vests. One can be used hidden under the uniform jacket, and one can be used for external purposes and has the possibility of adding and attaching other protection devices.

"I would say that we now have one of the best body armors there is, just because it is complete and very flexible", says Klas Åberg, project manager at FMV.

The new body armor is called Body Protection 12 (KRSK 12) and protects against shrapnel and projectiles. By using different reinforcement protection devices it is possible to customize protection by threat, task, environment and position.

To the safety vest you can add neck protection, arm protection and protectors for your private parts. It is also possible to adjust the vest so that it can be used on missions involving crowds. It then provides added protection for the legs, arms and feet. This means an easier configuration that provides protection against strikes and jabbing.

Procurement and Development

How do you develop a completely new type of body armor able to fit with both already existing and future equipment? Body armor like this did not exist on the market. This is why FMV procured a supplier based on the criteria of technical expertise and commercial terms and conditions.

Following successful completion of the competitive procurement process, a project team was formed with representatives from FMV, Mehler Vario System (supplier), and The Swedish Land Warfare Certre. This group then developed the new body armor, and all within three months.

"We did the work in several steps, with tests at The Swedish Land Warfare Centre, where we evaluated the ergonomics and how people felt after using the body armor. We also did tests showing how it worked in vehicles, along with other equipment, and on different types of assignments in different temperatures",explains Klas Åberg.

"The unit (FS 24) that was deployed to Afghanistan in the autumn of 2012 was supplied with the new body armor, and was then trained in its use. That is important to really get the maximum performance out of the body armor", says Klas Åberg.

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