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CC/CEM documentation

Common Criteria consists of three parts.

Common Criteria Version 3.1 Revision 5 is the official version that is approved for evaluations. Common Criteria consists of three parts with the supplement Common Criteria Evaluations Methodology.

Changes between CC/CEM v3.1 revision 4 and revision 5 (pdf).

Common Criteria

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Part 1: Introduction and general model

  • Defines the concept and principles of evaluation
  • Describes how CC can be used by different parties
Common Criteria Part 1 Version 3.1 Revision 5 (pdf)

Part 2: Security functional requirements

  • Detailed description of  functional components which in a standardised manner can be used to specify IT security requirements 

Common Criteria Part 2 Version 3.1 Revision 5 (pdf)

Part 3: Security assurance requirements

  • Evaluation requirements for PP and products with attached ST
  • Defines the Evaluation Assurance Levels

Common Criteria Part 3 Version 3.1 Revision 5 (pdf)


Common Criteria Evaluation Methodology - CEM

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Common Methodology

  • A supplement to CC
  • Describes the measures an evaluator must take when a product is examined according to the attached ST

Common Methodology for Information Technology Security Evaluation Version 3.1 Revision 5 (pdf)

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