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Helicopter 14

Helicopter 14 is the first helicopter system in the world which is built of composite materials and so-called "fly by wire", where the steering system is designed by computers.

Helicopter 14 is the Swedish name for the NH90 (NATO Helicopter 90) of which over 500 have been ordered by 14 countries. The system should be able to handle varied assignments, both within and outside the country, over land and sea, in winter environment and in desert climate and be able to operate in a changing world over a lifespan of over 30 years.

It is possible to equip the Hcp 14 with various types of equipment depending on the mission. Many of the future changes will be introduced through updates of the system software.

NH90 is the first system that is built of composite materials and the so-called "fly by wire". In contrast to traditional helicopters where steering is mechanical, the control system in the Hcp 14 is computer controlled, making it the most modern helicopter system.

Since many countries will use the NH90, the helicopter system will be Europe's future helicopter entity in the medium heavy segment.

The disadvantage of sharing a development with other countries is that it takes time. The advantage is that it will be effective in the longer term, as benefits of scale, and a pressure from many unified customers will contribute to lower operating expenses and shared costs for upgrades to the system over its lifetime.

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