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Sweden declines Belgian RFGP for new fighter procurement

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JAS 39E Foto: Saab

Belgium intends to procure a new fighter aircraft system. The Belgian procurement agency the ACCaP has started the procurement process and has requested price information.

The procurement is a so-called government-to-government or G2G. A procurement document has been sent out from the ACCaP. The Swedish authority responsible for the response from Sweden is the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration FMV.

Gripen is a highly advanced and cost-effective fighter aircraft system that fully meets the operational requirements in the Belgian request for proposal.

In their Request for Government Proposal, Belgium is also seeking extensive operational support from the delivering nation. This would require a Swedish foreign policy and political mandate that does not exist today. Therefore Sweden and the FMV choose not to submit an answer to the Belgian request.

The procurement is ongoing and FMV will not comment further.

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