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On these pages we present our environmental work and provide information to our suppliers. FMV's operations are extensive, and so is our environmental work. Our focus is to minimize the environmental impact in the system acquisition process, in test range activities and in our office operations.

A very strong driving force for the environmental work is the political vision of Sweden as an international forerunner in the striving for a sustainable society. Sweden's national environmental objectives, passed by parliament, describe a desired state in our environment within one generation. These objectives are tools to reach the political vision and to work towards the objectives. This means that FMV has to have its environmental work going beyond the standard legal requirements.

Our prime customer, the Swedish Armed Forces, also requires FMV to work in an environmentally sound manner. This relates to the fact that the main environmental impact from the Armed Forces operations arises from the use of the systems supplied by FMV.

Legal requirements as well as the political vision of a sustainable society, and demands from the Armed Forces, require FMV to work with environmental issues in a systematic way. In the acquisition process we consider environmental requirements both on the contractors' work and on the products and systems delivered, within a life-cycle approach. Consequently, we have chosen to integrate our environmental management system, based on ISO 14001, into our integrated management system.

FMV also affects the environment directly through internal activities such as travel, office activities and the activities at our test ranges. Function testing and environmental resistance testing of weapons, ammunition and combat vehicles as well as some missile testing are undertaken at the test range in Karlsborg, located in the middle of Sweden. Flight testing of aircraft and helicopters with their associated weapon systems is carried out in Linköping, not far from Karlsborg, and function testing of missile systems and target flight activities are undertaken in Vidsel, in northern Sweden. The major environmental impacts at the test ranges arise from flight movements in the form of energy consumption, emissions into the air, and noise.

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