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Environmental information to our suppliers

Environmental legislation

In the implementation of projects and the development of products on behalf of FMV, compliance with swedish environmental legislation (e.g. the Swedish Environmental Code), EU environmental legislation (e.g. REACH and CLP) as well as international environmental conventions, is of utmost importance. 

The Supplier's Environmental Plan

For some contracts FMV may require that the supplier establish an Environmental Plan describing how environmental measures are taken in the course of a project.

The Environmental Plan shall describes how the environmental work or the environmental management will be applied in the supplier's commitment to FMV, and what measures are will be taken to ensure and confirm that e.g. legal requirements, internal requirements and FMV's environmental requirements are met.
Below is a supporting document that describes how an Environmental Plan can be outlined.

Recycling Manual

For some contracts FMV may require that the supplier produce a Recycling Manual for the system in question. The aim of this Recycling Manual is to provide all the information that is needed to dispose of the system in a way that minimizes the effect on people's health and the surrounding environment.

The Recycling Manual should provide information about substances, components and materials in the system, special regulations or legislation that could affect the recycling of the system, help to maximise the reuse, and recycling of the system and its components, as well as dismantling the system.

FMV requires that the supplier produce the Recycling Manual according to the below document version 2.0 (version 1.0 may be applicable to current contracts):

Requirements on chemical substances

Please see information on requirements on chemical substances in The defence sector´s criteria document- Chemical Substances, Chemical Product and Articles

Environmental requirements on goods and services

To help our project managers to use appropriate environmental requirements, we have developed a set of requirements relating to specific materials, goods and services. The requirements are in both swedish and english.

For you as a supplier: The requirements have been secured both from a technical and legal viewpoint, but we are grateful for comments to further improve the quality of the tool.

Link to environmental requirements for materials, goods and services

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