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  • Test and Evaluation

    Picture of an Off-road vehicle, battle Ship and a JAS fighter aircraft

FMV’s responsibility is to deliver safe and operational materiel. This requires both in-house and independent Test and Evaluation resources.

The Test and Evaluation Directorate, T&E, is the FMV resource with the main responsibility for the testing and evaluating of technical systems for the Armed Forces. We also provide testing services to both foreign agencies and to Swedish, as well as to foreign, defence industries.

The Directorate has a wide range of resources and proficiencies for testing components, equipment, subsystems, and full systems. Total testing is carried out with fixed and mobile test instrumentation under realistic conditions. Installations for climatic, mechanical, and electrical environmental testing are also provided.

We do testing and evaluations for

  • Land systems
  • Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems
  • Missile systems
  • Command and Control, Communication systems
  • Sensor and Electronic systems
  • Naval systems

We are approximately 330 employees. The test activities are performed at the Swedish test ranges located in Vidsel, in Karlsborg, in Skövde, at the Flight Test Centre in Linköping, in Enköping and at the Naval Unit in Karlskrona. The Head Office is located in Stockholm.

A map over Sweden and FMV:s testranges

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Fredrik Bergman


Fredrik Bergman

Head of Test and Evaluation Division
Phone:+46 8 782 45 21

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