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Supplier information

Fuels, lubricant and associated products

FMV is responsible for the design of the standardised fuels products used within the Swedish Armed Forces. Examples of such products are fuels, lubricant, lubricating greases, hydraulic oils, break fluids and cooling liquids.

Standardised fuels products

In the context of design responsibility, FMV has developed the product catalogue for fuels. It provides information about the standard fuel in the Swedish Armed Forces. It is for example:

  • fuels
  • lubricant
  • lubricating greases
  • hydraulic oils
  • break fluids
  • cooling liquids

The product catalogue is to be used for the procurement of systems where fuels are prescribed to ensure quality, product range and supply. There are also environmental benefits, such as more efficient transport, in limiting the number of fuel products.

The purpose of publishing the product catalogue is that the Swedish Armed Forces fuel range will be available to Armed Forces personnel, FMV's personnel, contractors and bidders.

 The product catalogue in English 




To make information about the Swedish Armed Forces range of fuel, lubricant and other associated products  available via the Product catalog

Target Groups

  • The Swedish Armed Forces
  • FMV's staff
  • Contractors and bidders

Publicerad: 2020-02-20