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Supplier information

Surplus Sales

FMV is responsible for the sales of surplus material on behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces’. The Swedish Armed Forces is the agency that decides on sales in each individual case.

The Swedish Armed Forces then takes a decision on whether the materiel shall be transferred, destroyed or sold.

Transfers can be made to:

  • Voluntary defence organisations
  • Humanitarian missions
  • Military security-promoting equipment cooperation
  • Purposes that strengthen societies under severe pressure (for example the rescue services)
  • Other central government agencies
  • The National Swedish Museums of Military History

If, instead, sales are to be made, these are always conducted on a commercial basis and take place mainly via:

  • Intergovernmental agreements
  • Re-sales to the original supplier
  • Competition on the open market

Neither weapons nor ammunition is sold on the open market.

FMV sells only materielto business operators fulfilling the following requirements:

  • They have a stable financial situation
  • They are able to present an acceptable plan for how the deal will be undertaken in practical terms
  • They can show good references
  • They can offer a reasonable price

Sales may also be undertaken on commission, in which both private persons and business operators may be the purchasers. Currently FMV has entered into an agreement on this with a commission agent, Kvibergs Överskottslager AB. Kvibergs Överskottslager primarily sells Swedish Armed Forces' non-restricted vehicles and pallet materiel.

The benefits with a commission agent

The purpose is to shortening the lead time, from the time that FMV receives the sales assignment to when the storages are emptied.

The benefits of surplus sales

Surplus sales generate revenues to the Swedish Armed Forces and make storage space available. In some cases, equipment is sold that would have otherwise been destroyed, which may be expensive.

Much of the Swedish Armed Forces' equipment can be used for civilian purpose. This applies, for example, to vessels that can be used for training or transport, helicopters that are used in rescue services or trucks for transport.

Selling surplus material to partner countries or potential partner countries means a greater advantage for the defence. When possible, FMV uses the sale of surplus material to strengthen cooperation with other countries. Sales may also be used for promotion purposes, in order to facilitate new business deals.

There are currently no sales.

Year 2016 Towboat  Hera - buyer Kållandsö varv AB

Year 2017 Bogserbåt Heros - buyer Krandepån Södra AB

Year 2017 Airoplane Gulfstream TP102A - buyer Flygteknikcenter i Ljungbyhed

Year 2018 AS332M1 Super Puma helicopters - buyer
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