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FMV/CSEC har uppdaterat en Scheme Note. Uppdateringen gäller från 1 april 2021.

Scheme Note 15 - Uppdaterad
This Scheme Note aims to clarify the requirements of CC and the Scheme regarding testing. The following features have been clarified:

- Developer Test Coverage
- Test Effort Description in the Final Evaluation Report and in the Certification Report

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FMV/CSEC har uppdaterat tre Scheme Notes. Dessa uppdateringar gäller från och med 26 november 2020.

Scheme Note 15 - Uppdaterad
Corrected text in ”Conclusions” – Developer tests and evaluator tests does not have to cover the entire TSF at EAL2.

Scheme Note 18 - Uppdaterad
Added that the evaluator is expected to ensure that practically all ST problems are fixed before the first SER ASE is delivered to CSEC

Scheme Note 22 - Uppdaterad
Added a section about methodology for vulnerability database search.

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FMV/CSEC har skapat tre nya och uppdaterat en Scheme Note. Denna uppdatering gäller från och med 15 oktober 2020.

Scheme Note 31 - Ny
New procedures for site visit oversight and testing oversight.

Scheme Note 22 - Uppdaterad
Scheme note relates to the reporting of residual vulnerabilities.

Scheme Note 29 - Ny
CSEC reserves the right to refuse certifications based on PP:s that have been found inappropriate.

Scheme Note 30 - Ny
Third party functionality for which the developer doesn't have access to the implementation representation should be represented in the CI list in the form it is used, e.g. object file, library file, dynamic link library, etc. This interpretation applies to ALC_CMS.3 only, which is part of EAL3.

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