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About FMV

FMV's main assignment from the Government is to deliver materiel and services to the Swedish Armed Forces.
We make sure Swedish soldiers, sailors and officers have the materiel and the services they need to execute their missions.

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FMV, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, is an authority under the Ministry of Defence. FMV´s board of Directors is responsible for FMV, and reports to the Swedish Government. FMV´s Director General, Göran Mårtensson, is responsible for FMV´s overall operation.

FMV procures equipment and services for the Swedish Armed Forces. We make sure Swedish soldiers, sailors and officers have the materiel they need to execute their missions. Our technical, commercial and legal expertise, as well as our expertise in project management, ensures that we deliver sustainable solutions over time.

Our mission is "The right materiel for a stronger defence".

FMV procures complex defence systems such as helicopters and submarines. Our largest current projects are the aircraft system JAS 39 Gripen, the mid-term modification (update) of two submarines in the Gotland class, the design and construction of two new submarines of the type A26, Archer which is a modern artillery system for indirect fire, the medium-range Air Defense System 103, Patriot, and Nordic Combat Uniform, NCU, which is a joint Nordic uniform project.


Send an e-mail

The easiest way to contact us is to send an e-mail to registrator (@) Be clear in your question, and we can give you a quicker response.

Give us a call

Telephone number to our switchboard is +46 8 782 40 00. The switchboard is open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Send us a letter

115 88 Stockholm

Delivery address

For large packages the address is:
Värtavägen 40
SE-115 53, Stockholm, Sweden

Send us a fax

Fax number +46 8 667 57 99

Visit us

FMV is a protected property. This means that if you are visiting FMV, the person you are meeting must notify the reception in advance. When you arrive you must confirm your identity with a valid ID at the reception.

Street address

Banérgatan 62, Stockholm
SE-115 88, Stockholm, Sweden




If you as a Contractor are to invoice based on a contract that FMV has awarded, you must either invoice us at FMV or invoice SwAF (the Swedish Armed Forces). The invoice shall be sent to the authority who is the contract party. You can see in your contract whether it is FMV or the SwAF who is your contract party.


Addresses for electronic invoicing: PEPPOL ID: 0007:2021000340

Operator for electronic invoiving: OpusCapita, FMV Party ID 7362021000340

Address for paper invoice:

Försvarets materielverk
Box 7018
SE - 831 07 Östersund

Invoices are scanned and sent to FMV's electronic billing system. NOTE: Both order number and FMV reference must be indicated on the invoice.


Addresses for electronic invoicing: PEPPOL ID: 0088:7350022290006

Operator for electronic invoiving: OpusCapita, FMV Party ID 7350022290006

Address for paper invoice, unless otherwise follows from a specific purchase order:

FE 1000
SE - 961 19 Boden

FMV's registration number:

VAT: SE202100-034001

FMV has operations in some 10 locations from Vidsel in the north to Malmö in the south. On this page you will find postal addresses and phone numbers to our test ranges and our major local offices.

FMV test ranges


Box 13400, 580 13 Linköping, Sweden
+46 8 782 40 00 (main switchboard)

Site manager: Martin Anderberg
Martin Anderberg
+46 70 527 56 93


Box 8, 546 23 Karlsborg, Sweden
+46 8 782 40 00 (main switchboard)

Site manager: Anders Hedman
+46 72 564 58 32


Address Box 74, 942 23 Vidsel, Sweden
+46 8 782 40 00 (main switchboard)

Site manager: Stefan Kriegholm
+46 70 577 97 57


Box 624, 541 29 Skövde, Sweden
+46 500 46 50 00 (main switchboard)

Site manager: Anders Hedman
+46 72 564 58 32


FMV local offices


Box 1002, 732 26 Arboga, Sweden
Visiting address: Kungsörsvägen 54
+46 8 782 40 00 (main switchboard)


Box 43, 745 21 Enköping, Sweden
Visiting address: Garnisionsvägen 1
+46 8 782 40 00 (main switchboard)


Amiralitetsgatan 25, 371 82 Karlskrona, Sweden
+46 8 782 40 00 (main switchboard)


Box 13400, 580 13 Linköping, Sweden
+46 8 782 40 00 (main switchboard)


Dockplatsen 1, 211 19 Malmö, Sweden
+46 705 84 88 43


Box 3021, 831 03 Östersund, Sweden
Visiting address: Rådhusgatan 100
+46 8 782 40 00 (main switchboard)

The FMV Board is responsible to the Swedish Government for the running of FMV. The day-to-day operation of FMV is led by the Director General, Göran Mårtensson. Eva Hagwall is the Deputy Director General.

FMV is divided into eight functional divisions, which work together to deliver the equipment required by the Swedish Armed Forces.

Executive Units

FMV’s executive units provide the Director General with advice and information essential to the effective running of the organisation.

The responsibilities of the Director General’s Office include FMV-wide management and budgeting, and the coordination of planning and monitoring activities with other executive units.

The other executive units are responsible for FMV-wide management, monitoring and support to the rest of the organisation within their respective area of expertise. The Legal Affairs Unit has the special responsibility for protective security.

FMV Protocol are responsible for the coordination and the compiling of national / international traveling or visits for FMV's management and their tools for FMV's representation on these occasions. This applies mainly to high-level visits to the Director General / Deputy Director General and FMV's Senior Directors.

FMV Protocol is of assistance in how to handle the practical co-ordination and administration of Swedish or foreign visits, and work closely in collaboration with the Export & International Relations office.

Lorraine at the Protocol office is Point of Contact (Poc) for both foreign and Swedish Defense Attachés and will be of assistance in planning visits to FMV or for coming in contact with the appointed Desk Officer.

FMV Protocol is also a FMV helpdesk for the rules of protocol that apply to international visits or meetings. All employees can receive answers to questions about the conditions of planning and representations.

FMV protocol

FMV organization structure

Telefon: +46 8 782 40 00


Publicerad: 2022-11-18