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Sweden joins NATO

Sweden has been granted membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In our assessment, the membership will have a positive impact on the development and security of Swedish defence materiel supply, contributing to security in our region.

“The news that Sweden is a member of NATO is very welcome. I am convinced that membership will provide many new opportunities for Sweden in the area of defence materiel, both in terms of developing our defence capabilities and for Swedish defence contractors. It will also be an opportunity to contribute Swedish expertise within this field,” says Göran Mårtensson, Director General of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).

Sweden has been a NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner (EOP)  since 2014 and for the past 20 months has had the status of invitee. In this capacity, the FMV has participated in some 80 NATO working groups and is already collaborating with member countries in areas such as standardisation and quality assurance.

“The FMV has taken a number of preparatory measures to ensure a smooth transition from partner country to ally. We are anticipating an intensive period involving a great deal of work to get up to speed with relevant processes and contribute as a new member,” says Göran Mårtensson.

​As a member of the Alliance, Sweden will be able to participate fully in NATO working groups, committees and collaboration on defence materiel. This will involve more in-depth interagency cooperation and more extensive collaboration on defence materiel, including joint procurements with the other members of the Alliance. Sweden’s leading position in technological development and innovation can be expected to contribute to NATO’s defence capabilities, in which regard the role of the FMV will be crucial.

Table with Nato flag

Important defence materiel collaborations within NATO

NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA): Through the NSPA, Sweden will have the chance to take the initiative on new partnerships in the field of defence materiel, thus increasing opportunities for joint procurement and strengthening the position of Swedish businesses in procurement processes.

Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA): Launched in June 2023, the purpose of DIANA is to leverage dual-use technological solutions for the Alliance’s defence and security needs. As an innovation powerhouse with a cutting-edge industrial sector, Sweden can be expected to contribute significantly.

NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA): As a member of NATO, Sweden will have greater access to support from the NCIA regarding defence-related ICT services and products, such as command and control systems.